It Tolls For Tea

Her sword arm ached from the raging battle she had been fighting for the last hour. Blows were carefully parried, strikes avoided and thrusts countered. The sun had just started to set when a mighty bell tolled. The warring warriors looked up and around at each other as the sound hung in the air.

Sheathing her blade in the scabbard, the knight pulled the helmet from the top of her head. “The queen needs me.” She declared, before departing the field and heading for the castle.

There was no cowardice in her actions.

Even the mightiest knight could not resist the call of pizza night, and no plastic swords or rubber helmets were allowed at the royal table when it was time for a feast.

Twenty Seven

A rural beginning, surrounded by family. A vast garden to play in, imagination and freedom providing endless enjoyment. Books to read and have read to me, and computers to tinker with. There was so much to learn from my parents and school. Improvisation turned toys into possibilities in a grand universe.

That was my childhood.

An awkward time at high school,  a change of teaching style and environment coupled with bullying. Relief came through gaming, exploring different worlds even as I explored my own through the internet. After college came depression, a negative blanket that stopped my writing before I had really begun. Anxiety had built to a point where setting foot outside of the house lead to a frantic panic that would drive me inside, if I had even managed to step foot out of the door. With support, things turned around.

Those were my teenage years.

I returned to education, both formal and informal. I got a job to pay the bills, and am fortunate that it is one that I enjoy. A bicycle gave me the chance to roam more. I met people through online roleplaying games, and travelled to meet them across the country. Those characters inspired my creativity and got me writing again. I lost my father to cancer, his death changing me forever. But I continued to grow, and still work to improve myself and experience things.

This is my adulthood, and it remains to be seen what the next twenty seven years and beyond will be like.

Author’s Note: 27 today! Got a brand new printer to replace my old broken one.