About The Writer

Hello, and welcome to With That She Wrote.

I’m Ellen J. Miller, the writer of the fiction and non-fiction pieces that are posted on this website.

In my childhood I was a voracious reader, of both fiction and non-fiction. Many mornings before school (after waking up early to watch Ceefax and Teletext on 4 in wonder, and lose myself in Open University programming) while eating breakfast I would read the backs of cereal packs, AA Drivers Manuals, car manuals, Dairy Crest books of homekeeping and more.

In my early teens my attention fell to my father’s bookcase, and I was introduced to the fantasy world of David and Leigh Eddings, inspiring my fascination with the easy and engaging reading style that kept me turning the pages. Another book I fell to love was Terry Nation’s Survivors, which then proceeded to give me visions of the apocalypse when SARS came to the attention of the news, as well as a further fascination with the post-apocalyptic.


4 thoughts on “About The Writer

    • Thank you very much. I think the important thing is that I write for the enjoyment of writing, and anything else (like people enjoying the work) is just a huge bonus. Not all of them will turn out great, or they’ll be weak in parts, but I hope you continue to enjoy the various little bits that come into my head and wind up on page.

      • You’re welcome. I feel the same way about writing – it’s just something I find I want to do, and any writing that’s well received is a bonus (and yes, a huge one!).

        I don’t think any of us can claim perfection in our work – it’s nice just to watch what turns up along the journey 🙂


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