Just For A While

It was a cleansing feeling, shedding off the trappings of the day. The school bag came off first, apparel that would still feel heavy even without the textbooks in it. The jacket came next, then the jumper, the tie, and the shoes. Heading to her room, the rest of the uniform came off. Tights, skirt and blouse were soon replaced with worn tracksuit bottoms and an old tee, ragged at the hem from being drawn over the knees.

Even with the uniform gone some of the weight remained. How best to shift that varied day to day.

The aging computer packed with shareware, MIDI files and .txts of guides and fanfic could wait till after dinner. TV wouldn’t get good until six. The hand-me-down console’s plastic pad tethered to the system was tempting, but that had the same trouble as the PC. There was always the hi-fi, a massive stack of parts that passed from owner to owner until finally finding a place in her room, but no.

Falling back onto the sun and moon chair bed, rarely unfolded for a sleepover, she grabbed the worn book with a yellowing receipt sticking from the top edge from its place between bed and dresser.

Noble quests, prophecies, sorcerous power and the clash of steel on steel. There was none of that in her school life. But just for a while, before dinner and the continuing adventures of Picard and Co., the weight was gone.


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