Hook Up

Clutching at each other, one backed up. The other shuffled forwards. The doors slid open automatically, a small service cupboard providing some privacy. It wasn’t needed. Two crew members were all that needed to be active while travelling, the ship’s AI handling most of the heavy duty. Everyone else was in sleep mode.

They still occupied the service cupboard, limbs of composite casing and synthetic muscles clinging tightly to reinforced torsos. They broke their kiss to gulp down the chill air, their advanced bodies starting to stabilize their breathing.

“Do you-”

“Yeah,” he panted, reaching down to his pocket. “Got one with me.” He procured a length of cable tucked away in a protective spool, two connection plugs available. Pulling one out, he pressed it against the back of his neck before chuckling.

Turning the plug the other way, he pressed it in again.

A sigh escaped his lips. Turning it back the original way, the plug slid smoothly into the Human-Machine Interface port situated there. “Usually the way.” He laughed softly, looking a little sheepish.

“It’s okay.” His crewmate said softly, taking the other plug between their fingers. “I get a little nervous too before hooking up with someone.”


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