Twas the Fight Before Christmas

Author’s Note: What happens after heavy exposure to the magical warrior girl genre mixes with a darker interpretation, the festive season and a traditional Christmas classic? This. I’m not that grand at poetry, but the attempt had to be made. Seasons beatings to you all!

Twas the night before Christmas, throughout London Town
Demons were stirring, trouble about to go down.
One borough had a teenager alert to their ploy
With a swift transformation she’d bring end to their joy.
Running along with her weapon gripped in hand,
Her staff soon to swing with fury most grand.

In black boots and white pants dashed Maiden Blue
Her jacket the colour of a name-fitting hue.
Meanwhile in the streets a riot began to stir
As demons frenzied with snow on their fur.
Leaping and twirling with style oh-so-flash
A torrent of water was summoned forth to slash.

Taking that element of power in her left hand,
She washed away monsters as if grains of sand.
Her foes were many, and one called in fear,
It’s plight was answered by a villainous deer.
With antlers glowing red and a coat of pitch black,
Even the maiden faltered in her attack.

With hooves moving rapid his charge came fast,
The Maiden in dodging could barely make it past.
“On this sacred night I shall invoke a creed,
“Your defeat is at hand, I will make you bleed!”
“You talk tough tiny human, I will give you that,
“But your skin should make a most wonderful hat.”

Facing off against each other the sparks did fly
A stab of his horns, she leapt to the sky.
Across roads and roofs the battle did rage,
Like a fight straight from a comic book page.
A flick of her staff she hoped would strike,
He shouldered it wide, the blow destroying a bike.

A roar from his mouth unleashed thunderous sound,
Though hurtling back she soon came to rebound.
Blue eyes full of fury, heart pounding with hate,
Her power surged forth, one second too late.
Red lightning crackled from his mighty horns,
Sending her careening into a store full of porn.

Shaking off magazines, DVDs, and cuffs,
She winced from her landing, the impact quite rough.
Knowing she soon had to end this fight,
She gathered her power and channelled her might.
Stomping a hoof and lowering his head,
He would gore this girl and return to his bed.

The deer started his run, hurtling fast,
Not knowing what she was starting to cast.
Raising her staff and holding it ready,
Her grip was firm, her stance was so steady.
Driving the tip straight into his brain.
Water and lighting unleashing much pain.

With cries falling silent, the deer fell to its knees
With a blade made of fluid, his neck she did cleave.
From his corpse dark power rose to erupt,
To be sealed away so as not to corrupt.
Azure light thrummed about her form,
The city was safe, she returned to her norm.

There was little joy to winning when at the clock she did glance
She saw she had missed her school’s Christmas Dance.


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