“I don’t mean to criticize you,” his superior spoke in a voice that indicated he -was- meaning to, “but couldn’t you hurry that up? We need a lead.”

Pinching his brow as he bit off his planned retort, he sucked in a deep breath before responding with all the patience he could muster. “It’s not a simple task. I am working as fast as I can, and I could work faster if I did not keep having to explain this.”

His boss slammed a fist down on one of the nearby desks. “What is the point of having all these expensive computers if you can’t do anything with them?! Silence the moans, amplify the chatter and let us hear what our suspect is saying.”

“With all due respect, Sir,” he replied in a snippy tone devoid of any respect, “this isn’t CS-fucking-I. There’s no app for that, no one slider that would do it. If you want this done quicker, stop complaining and let me get back to doing my job!”

Silence hung in the lab as the technician and detective stared off against each other.

“Just get it done.” The detective snarled, turning quick to storm out of the room.

Biting off the shout forming in his throat, he wheeled his chair around to face the monitor to don his headphones once more. With a grimace he started the footage playing again, hoping that he would not have to hear such sounds ever again in his lifetime.

This week’s Three Word Wednesday words were Amplify, Criticize and Moan.


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