All that remained on screen was a blinking cursor, a flicking array of white pixels in a sea of black. Around the terminal various racks of chips and PCBs laid in chunks, pulled straight from the server core and struck with fire axes. The four in the room, two scientists, a caretaker and a security guard, panted for breath.

“I can’t believe we made it,” one of the scientists gasped, doubled over. “How did Armitage gain control of the security systems?”

“Who knows what wire plugs into what around here. I tell you this though, I am not having this coming out of my pay check!” The guard snapped, axe still gripped tightly in hand, even with blood running down his forearm.

“Likewise.” The caretaker grunted, placing the CO2 fire extinguisher down. “HEY! What are you doing?!” He snarled at the other scientist who had started working on the terminal.

“I’m just checking the system! We need to be sure there’s no… we’re safe. Armitage is gone.” The scientist sighed, slightly regretful in tone. “It’s just a shell of its former self.”


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