Cat’s Eye

With the family having left on vacation she was free to hack her way past the exterior defences. With the gate timer spoofed and the camera feeds dubbed, she walked into the compound like she owned the place. Her destination? The mansion she once worked in as an assistant.

Her little bag of thief’s tools gained her entry to the family home, using cloned NFC biometric signals to trick the entry system. A handy little backdoor she had planted during her service to the family worked to confound the time-location security systems that might have rumbled her plan.

Once inside, it was easy to begin loading her sports bag with jewellery and other valuables that had been scouted out while employed. Having lined the bottom and sides of the bag with her clothing, she kept some spare to cover it over ready to muffle the sound of her loot and conceal it from prying eyes.

At least the cats were still fond of her, rubbing their bodies around her leg and staring up at her to meow, expecting her to feed them. With her glove covered hands, she stroked their backs and scratched behind her ears, smiling at how much she was going to walk away with in this perfect crime.

She never knew about the cybernetic enhancements of the cats, their vision linked to a small encoding computer in the base of their skull that fed the data to flash chips in their collars. As she left the property so sure of her brilliance and cunning the cats peered through the window at her. The proof of her crimes filed away in their vibrant, customized neckwear.

Author’s Note: Inspired by the April 4th 2013 episode of James May’s Man Lab, on BBC 2.


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