The bikini had been broken out of its winter hibernation spot in the wardrobe. The sunglasses rescued from the pile of tights and warm socks it had found itself nested under. The sunscreen procured from the back of the toiletries drawer and the deckchair removed from the garage to be set up on the patio.

Her skin was all sun-screened up, a good book to read through clasped in one hand as she stepped out into the back garden to rest on the chair. She looked gorgeous, in her own opinion.

Except, maybe, for the goosebumps that had cropped up all over her body.

“You’re crazy, Hannah!” Her friend called from the back door, wrapped up in a comfortable jumper and carrying a mug of tea. “It’s only seven point one out!”

“This has been my week off, Kay! Four days of miserable, wet, cold weather! The sun is out, and I’m going to make the most of it!” Hannah replied, stretching out. “Just you watch!”

“No, I’m going to be sensible and curl up on the sofa.” Kay grinned, heading back inside. She gave Hannah five minutes out there in the cold spring breeze.

She was surprised that Hannah made it to ten before she was indoors, wrapped up in her snuggest dressing gown and fluffiest slippers. As Kay went to open her mouth, Hannah cut her off.

“Don’t even say ‘I told you so!'” She said with chattering teeth.

“I wasn’t going to!”


“I was going to ask if you wanted a mug of tea.” Kay smiled, before her expression turned cheeky. “And that I told you so.”


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