An inability to run in heels was shaping up to be quite the problem for her, tumbling down the staircase with her attacker hot in pursuit. Two women, one terrified for her life and the other’s face twisted with hatred and loathing, were now in the basement.

“You’re not a real woman.” A voice accused from the staircase, a baseball bat hefted over one shoulder. “You’re sick, twisted scum. You all are. And I’m going to end you.”

“I’ve done nothing to you!” She replied, her vision unfocused as she scooted backwards awkwardly. “None of us have! Why are you doing this to us?!”

The only reply she got was a sneer, the bat lifted and already beginning its descent towards her skull. Tensing up, she shut her eyes, waiting for the blow. The sound of it rang out across the room before she realised.

It hadn’t struck her.

Opening one eye, she saw the bat easily caught by a great big hand, her eyes following the arm up to her saviour’s face. His metallic jaw glimmered in the dim light of the basement stock room, the half-circular plate around the middle of his face bearing focused lenses and detectors on the front.

“You will not harm her.” He declared, reaching out with one robotic hand. Before her attacker could speak, the flash of light from his palm  left her dazed and disoriented, a second blast from the disruption gauntlet rendering her unconscious.

“Adrian…” She whispered, stiffly rising to her feet even as the large android in front of her hefted the woman over one shoulder.

“The human uprising is getting more violent, Tabitha.” He replied, easily carrying the woman over to lay upon a spread of shrink-wrapped tablecloths.

“Will she be fine there?” Tabitha asked, checking over her systems for fall damage. Thankfully for the waitress, there was nothing permanent or crippling.

“The disruption will wear off in about ten minutes.” The doorman replied, beckoning her over. “We need to get somewhere secure, I can enable your self-preservation protocols. Thankfully mine were already enabled for the job.” He stated, the only reason he was able to rescue her from an attacker that she was unable to fight back against.

Any further discussion was cut off by shouting and the sounds of general destruction upstairs in the restaurant. Adrian took her hand as they moved towards the loading bay exit of the basement, the large android pulling a shelving unit across to try and disguise their escape.

“What’s going to happen?” She asked, using her authentication credentials to open the door.

“I don’t know… one thing is for sure though; we need to get out of the city. No robot is safe here.”


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