Machinae Monday 1

Author’s note: Later on this evening (UTC 0 evening that is. Currently midday as of writing this), I’ll be over on with a bunch of Machinae Supremacy fans and maybe some of the band, chatting and playing tunes. The music’s always been a big inspiration for me, and inspired a setting too. As a teaser for the MachinaeTribe and other folks, here’s some short setting snippets on each of the 8 tracks I aim to play tonight. The normal story of the day will come later on!


-subjugation of the terrorist state of Vladistan. Now, disturbing news from the Empire’s Hygiea Ten Mining Station in the asteroid belt. The Imperial Dreadnaught ‘Ciretako’, captained by IA veteran Michael K. Darron, has suffered heavy damage after a pirate frigate ambush. The fighters are rumoured to have been lead by wanted terrorist leader Woo Ninne. There is little news in the cost of damage and loss of life, but I hope you will all join us in prayer to keep both at a minimum. Now, a beloved soda spokeswoman is baring all for charity in a new calend-”


Shares have risen for mega-corporation SoldeuTek, who announced the completion of the Helios Satellite Network ahead of schedule. CEO Demetrios Shin’s pet project has been good for the company, but not for rival energy firms who stand to lose billions from his efforts to harness the sun’s power for consumer and industrial power requirements. “There is a beauty in fire when the lights are out,” he said earlier today to press outside of a board meeting, before quipping in his usual charismatic fashion, “With Helios though, that fire will provide the essential power and light that no one should have to live without.”

[KIDZNET – The Empire Rangers Action Hour! Sponsored by Patriot Defense Systems.]

What do we do, Captain?” Lieutenant O’Hara gasped, her energy pistol clenched tightly in one hand. “The LibertyKillas have us surrounded!”

An Empire Ranger never gives up!” Captain Brandt said defiantly. Planting a kiss on his fingertips, he touched them to the Imperial flag patch on his arm. “Chief Masahiko, is the Burghammer in position?”

She’s in position, Captain! Ready to give the signal!” Masahiko replied, his finger hovering above the button on his commslink.

Then do it! Rain death from above on these haters of freedom!” He cried, a fist raised in the air.

The sky shone brightly as the Dreadnaught-class ship descended from above, pulse cannons blazing. Though numerous, the inferior terrorist forces couldn’t stand up to the might of the Empire’s finest.

We should be thankful,” Captain Brandt mused as he looked out over the devastation, “that we have not only the cultural superiority, but the technical edge too. That wouldn’t be possible without the innovation provided by companies like PDS and RozTel Aerotech.”

Lt. O’Hara smiled knowingly towards the screen. “We get all the best toys from them.”

And that’s a fact!” Chief Masahiko laughed.

[GLAMORPEOPLE.BIZ – You Got The Style!]

Hey you! This fashion tip goes out to all the guys, girls and anyone in between! Hacker-chic and Terrorstyle is all the rage at the moment on the catwalks, and lots of you have wrote us asking for tips! Tip One! Look cool, be fridgy. You need the right personality to pull this off! Tip Two! Spend some time in front of a digital mirror with the make up, give yourself the crazy eyes. Odd colors and smudges are so hot right now, you could wind up in jail! Tip Three! Mess is best when it comes to hair! Be wild, be free, make it artfully disturbed!


[SHOPCITY – Attract Mode]


Watch out for our SALE SHOWDOWNS! Catch a bargain, but avoid the stampede!

Stay at one of our DreamE-Z hotels if one day of shopping just isn’t enough!

SHOPCITYBecause shopping isn’t a chore, it’s a lifestyle!

[Conversation: sS73v3@darkcity.icarus.eml <-> ActionGirl7@concretegarden.sid]

sS73v3: hey!

ActionGirl7: yoh yoha

sS73v3: you coming to practice tonight?

ActionGirl7: ofc o7 might be late tho, icy out

sS73v3: no probs, bring lil too, gotta have my angels here.

sS73v3: esp. when cold + bleak out.

ActionGirl7: ;> see you soon, gotta find lil’s gloves.

ActionGirl7@concretegarden.sid has disconnected.

[PROJECT PANZERFAUST – Progress Report (Partially Recovered. READ-ONLY)]

Performance… defies all predictions…

-utilizing optical fibre brain design with… virtualized neural network codename ‘LoS’#

costs }still excessive-

{ERROR – Unit reporting ‘NO BOOTABLE SOUL’? Check man file??}

……………………………………………………………………….[That poor angel. We have turned… grace//



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2 thoughts on “Machinae Monday 1

    • Yeah, Paul Verhoeven was definitely an inspiration for this. The use of mass media in his works to build the background narrative I always found brilliant. The news broadcasts, adverts and TV shows in Robocop really shed light on what the world has become.

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