Hazard Pay

She was the only person for the job. Literally in this case. Every other Hazard Rectifier had taken one look at the case and bolted. From the multi-planetary safety specialist corps to even the hardest fellow HR contract worker wanted nothing to do with this infestation.

The operations was supposed to have been a simple one for the ship strippers. An old, derelict colony ship had drifted in towards an interplanetary shipping lane. They were to board the ship, secure any useful parts, and affix ion jets to steer it on a course towards the nearest star for disposal. What had been waiting inside though was a horror.

The colony ship was not a well made one. A Grice Astrotech vessel from ages past. Nowadays, any non-spaceworthy vessel was called a ‘Gricer’ as testament to the legacy of failure and loss of that blighted company. And through a mixture of improper construction materials, poor radiation shielding and a lack of cargo vetting had lead to an infestation on board.

And the ship strippers salvage efforts had re-awakened the infesting creatures from their unnatural hibernation.

So with her ship connected to the docking bay with ion thrusters holding the ship in place for now Kaldra Nadir, Hazard Rectifier, stood armed to the teeth with a hodgepodge of armaments and armour. And no sooner as she had set foot into the ship had one of the monsters shown themselves.

Eight legged. Bulbous eyed. Armour plated. Fire resistant. Bodies sheathed in a concoction of carcinogenic compounds. The lack of gravity proved no problem for the giant tarantulas.

And as Kaldra’s energy sabre ignited, she knew she’d be earning her biggest hazard pay award on this job.

Author’s Note: Inspired by a story of a tarantula possibly loose in Cardiff, Wales. Due to living in an old, Victorian house, it may be coated with cancer-causing asbestos.


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