The atmosphere inside the elevator was tense. Edgy people pressing themselves against the sides of the car with their eyes focused on the solitary figure standing in the middle. Pale, lithe and wearing sunglasses while dressed in black. It was not so much the look that had them scared, but the aura around her. She radiated the chill miasma of the dead.

She had stepped on just before the elevator departed to head up the iconic building, full of tourists eager to see the world-famous skyline of New York. Brushing a lock of blonde hair back, she couldn’t help but chuckle as the rest of the passengers collectively flinched. Turning her head to regard each one in turn, she offered a slight smile.

“You have nothing to be afraid of, I’m not here for you. Just doing some sightseeing.” She announced to incredulous looks. “What?” She asked them. “Even Death needs a vacation.”

Author’s Note: This Week’s Three Word Wednesday words were: Iconic, Edgy, Lithe.


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