As the next customer appeared at her checkout, Lisa glanced at the clock on her till. “Good morning.” She smiled brightly, seeing as the clock read as three minutes to twelve. Her customer was a silent one though, so she just let the steady beep of items passing through the scanner fill the void of conversation.

“That’ll be ten-fifty-seven, please.” She chirped up with at the end of the transaction, smiling again as he handed over his cash. It wasn’t too long before he was on his way and she was smiling at the next customer. “Good morning, how’re-”

Everyone was staring at her, their faces pale. Her customer had started to back away, dragging her trolley with her. With tremors of fear running through her body, she glanced again to the clock. It was now two minutes passed twelve.

“It is not the morning, it is the afternoon, the time is two minutes past twelve.” The people in the supermarket started to chant, over and over as they gazed at their watches. They chanted, even as space-time around the check out began to warp. Items placed on the belt reverting in packaging style. The tiled floor turning to concrete, to dirt and then back again. The tills shifting from check out to self-service.

The time distortion was forming rapidly around Lisa, but the chants of the populous proved effective. The shifts began to return back to the present, even as the Timekeepers came. She was wordless as they dragged her out from her area and started to march her towards the exit with her arms bent back behind her. Through the town they marched to the great clock tower that stood in the centre, the municipal buildings situated around it.

Through the clock tower she was dragged, her face ashen as they lead her to the mechanism room. From her vantage point above the city, she could see the edges of ripple, random space time fluctuating wildly outside of their small bastion of safety in the chaos. It was by will alone that they kept the madness from forming. It was by will alone that they preserved themselves. And she was now tainted by the void.

“Any last words?” One of the Timekeepers uttered, holding her near to the singularity that their thoughts and minds fed to keep them safe.

Mutely shaking her head, they easily hefted her into the heart of the distortion. And then, in the place where time was happening and not happening at the same time, she floated. Just another piece of chaos drifting among the infinite after time had unravelled.


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