Triduan (Part 8)

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At that particular moment in time, Million was not feeling her best. Even one thousand years as a statue measured up better to the ringing in her ears, the cold that had sunk into her bones and the lurch of reality that had unsettled her stomach. Still, her senses were coming back to her. Even with her eyes shut, the bright flash had seeped through her eyelids, but now the blotches of dark colours were fading away. She could feel the discharge of magic, tasting the sundered air resulting from blasts of lightning being conjured. Her nose picked up the strong, earthy smells of a disrupted landscape.

Oh, and she could hear Emel pleading with her for assistance.

“What the hells happened?!” Million called back, a bit louder than she might have intended. Her rapidly focusing eyes noted the heavy fortification of rock and earth formed in front of them, as well as the wafts of smoke coming from her master.

“Thunderflash spell,” Emel grunted as her staff shone with power, keeping their defences maintained. “Then I teleported you back and pulled this up. All at the same time.”

“Three spells at once? Even I think that’s insane!” Million actually shrieked. Even using spell powders, you could do weird things to yourself casting just two spells at the same time, let alone three.

“Um… four.” She added sheepishly, shaking her hips a little as she clutched at her staff. Glancing down, Million noticed the baton tucked into the back of her belt. “I used a disarm spell to… well…. steal it back.”

“Four spells at once?! That’s brilliant!” Million exclaimed, pushing herself up ready for action. It was then that she realized they were entombed by the spell the mage had cast.

“I thought three was insane?” Emel replied.

“Four is too, but also brilliant. Anyway, we can talk later, what do you need me to do?” Million smiled, letting her demonic power flow through her to illuminate their small bastion in the earth.

“I need you to help me cast two spells. One, to blast this fortification back and give us time for the next spell. One to shut down the Grologs and their hive.” Taking a heaving breath, Emel’s knees started to give way, only to stop when Million wrapped her arms around her midsection, placing her hands on the Staff of Enar.

“For the shock of blasting this little rock castle at them? DiQaToJa, while putting your staff against the wall.” Million explained, her arms easily holding up the mage. “To shut down the hive? BaHuSaLi. Point the staff towards the hive, and let me take care of the awe.”

Turning her head back and around a little awkwardly at the demon, Emel flashed her a grateful, tired smile. “When you’re ready, then…”

Twisting streams of golden fire surged forth from her hands, over Emel’s, and up the staff to ignite in the centre of the orb. The blaze of demonic energy soon overtook the ruby sphere, leaving it as the burning heart in a roar of bright flames. Guiding it with her master, they touched the orb to the wall in front of them.

DiQaToJa!” Emel spoke with all the determination she could muster. The incantation was a little childish compared to the human tongue. Grand Earth Burst Magic. The effects were anything but childish. Cracks of flame flashed around inside their small sphere of protection, before the eruption hurled razor sharp chunks of compacted dirt and rough stone out in all directions. The Grologs that had been trying to pound and dig their way through found themselves becoming massive projectiles for hitting their fellow creatures behind them.

The seven mages weren’t having it much better, pelted by fragments  and shards that disrupted their spellcasting efforts. For the way she had been swarmed and then overpowered by their shadow magics, she was glad of their discomfort.

Aiding Emel with the movement, they pointed the staff towards the hive. Again, flames lashed around the implement to build around the head of it. Once more, Emel spoke in Million’s native tongue.

BaHuSaLi!” She commanded, and Million’s legs buckled as the immense power was pulled from her. An arc of golden light lanced from the tip of the staff to pierce through the ziggurat and the bloated abomination within. Shrieks and cries of agony came from the horde of monsters as the light filled the hive and spread back out, brilliant beams striking through whatever they hit.

What was seconds seemed like minutes before the light died and the pair were left alone in the grand cavern, sinking down to the floor. Million drew in great breaths of air, feeling clean and pure if a little musty for the first time since they had entered the place. In the fading of the light from the spell, she had resumed her more human form.

Emel, on the other hand, still had her laying heavily on top of her, and was trying to squirm free. “I like breathing!” She gasped.

Million somehow found the effort to roll over, her deep breaths soon turning into chuckles that built into great belly laughs.

“What’s so funny?” Her master asked, already removing the carefully bundled toga from her belongings to drape over her body.

“We did it!” Million laughed, sitting up just enough to throw her arms around the mage. “And then some! We got the baton and shut a hive down! The two of us!” Cackling, she pulled Emel down to rest on top of her as her body shook with mirth. “I told you we were awesome! I told you to believe, and I was right! I’m fantastic, you’re fantastic! Four spells at once! You could have killed yourself, but… look at us!”

“Tired, aching, drained, did I mention aching?” Emel said, before her face was split with the biggest grin that Million had ever seen on her. “But we won…” She sighed, giving her a hug in return.

It was several minutes later when Million finally spoke up, carefully sitting Emel besides her. “Right. I need to get dressed because my bum is extremely cold now,” she said with one finger held aloft, “and we should really get back to Mel-daku so we can be showered with the rightful praise for heroes.” She added with another finger held up.

“Well, it might take a little while…” Emel gulped. “The spell I was going to use to get us out of here… I may have used it to get you away from the mages.” She admitted, adjusting her ponytail a little as she fidgeted. “But I do have a spell to make a rope ladder for us to go up!”

It took her a little while to answer, before she shrugged and set her shoulders. Standing, she started to pull her toga on, a muffled “They better be damn praise-ful to us…” coming from under the material.

As they started towards the exit to the chasm, Emel looked up to Million. “What does BaHuSaLi mean, anyway?” She asked.

“Beast Heart Spirit Close.” Came the reply, even as she brushed dirt from her arms and legs. “And really, there better be a big roast and drinking and those colourful little paper floaty things being chucked at us. Because all this?” She gestured behind them as they entered the tunnel. “All this is grade one praiseworthy work.”

Emel mused for a moment, her lips pursed in thought. “We could get the children to make yellow paper wigs so some can pretend to be you, and big sticks with red apples on so they can pretend to be me?”

“… Are you mocking my desire for praise, Master?”

She pondered on that for a little bit.


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