Tarot Tales – Condemned

They knelt before the ruler of the land, five women gagged and bound.

The High Inquisitor presented his case; of witches found conducting their dark arts in the land beyond the city. Each wearing a pendant bearing the pentacle used in their wicked sorcery.

The Emperor asked how the women pleaded, his court listened.

“Not Guilty.” Said the High Inquisitor.

His Imperial Majesty asked if they wished to make a case for their actions, his court pondered.

“To remove their bindings could free them to practice their foul magic, and ensorcel you.” The High Inquisitor replied carefully, a finger raised in opposition.  “But the Captain of the Guard, the Holy Warden and the Scout can verify what they saw.”

Each man gave their view of the arrest. The court debated and came to their decision.

The Emperor agreed and sentence was passed: Execution.

The High Inquisitor permitted himself a smile of satisfaction.

Justice was done?

Author’s Note: Tarot Tales came about as an idea for helping a friend with inspiration. I drew two cards from the Major Arcana and one from the Minor Arcana. The deck I used was the Rider-Waite deck, and the three cards were: The Emperor, Justice, and the Five of Pentacles.


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