“So, we have a choice of two towns to go to.” Emel the Mage said, stood at the middle of the junction in the road. One path went off to the East, lined with craggy, mismatched white stones that indicated the boundries of the dirt trail. The Southern was a much neater looking road, constructed with polished stone segments carefully slotted together to form a smooth, if slightly jittery at speeds, highway.

Behind the mage stood the tall form of Million, the Last Demon. Running her hands through her sprawl of golden blonde hair, the muscular woman peered between each path. “What’s the deal with the towns?”

“South of us is the town of Imeldra. Masterful stone work, it’s currently their festival of the Grey Goddess. A month of reflection on the beauty and strength of the stone mined from their local quarry.” Emel explained, looking over her map and guide book to the realm.

“We can look at stone whenever we want.” Million sniffed, crouching down a little to wrap a knuckle on one such pebble on the ground. Finding the simple round object to be intrinsically annoying, she snatched it up and hurled it into the forests behind them.

“Feel better now, Million?” The mage asked with a long-suffering look.

“Much. What’s East of here?”

“Mel-daku, the home of the Triumvirate of Brewers. Masters of the art of alcohol, they also have a festival coming up to celebrate their anniversary of first supplying liquor to the royal family, a triduan of feasting and drinking and appreciation of their craft.” Emel stated, before squeaking as she was hefted up by her travelling companion.

“Three days of feasting and drinking? We’re off to Mel-daku!” Million exclaimed happily, already starting to jog down the path with the mage and their backpacks of belongings. “Think of the learning opportunities!” She was already trying to rationalise the decision. “You can get some bottles of pure alcohol for your alchemy and medical supplies, learn about brewing techniques, and you don’t have to worry about me either!”

“I always worry about you!” Emel cried out, trying to squirm free to no avail. “You took a nap in the sacred fires at our last stop! You’ll curl up in a barrel maybe, or get drunk and start an argument with the ground!”

Million came to a stop after a short distance, sighing sadly as she looked down at the mage who had awakened her after her long slumber, who held the power to control her with a simple command. She didn’t set her down just yet, just looked at her with her bright amber eyes. “Do you really want to go and have a look in a boring place at stones, Master? Or would you like the chance to relax, have some good food, and put your feet up?”

She blinked at that. “You’re giving me a choice?”

“You gave me one, really.” Million shrugged, adjusting the load of mage and baggage she was carrying in her arms. “You didn’t order me to stop and go back the other way, so…”

“Put me down, Million.” Emel ordered. Her demon complied, setting the mage down carefully. Taking her rucksack out of Million’s arms, she slipped it over her shoulder before starting to walk off.

“Master?” Million called, looking confused.

“Are you just going to stand there, Million?” Emel smiled. “Or are you going to come to Mel-daku?”

The fanged smile on the lips of the last demon in the world was massive as she hurried over to walk side by side with her mage. Things were looking up in the world.

“Just…” Emel peered up at her. “Don’t start a fight with the ground.”

“I won’t start one,” Million promised. “But if it starts one, I’m finishing it.”

Blinking rapidly, Emel glanced up again with a quizzical expression all over her face. “How does the ground start a fight?” She had to ask.

“By tripping drunks over.”

Triduan (Part 2) ->


4 thoughts on “Triduan

    • The blog is a tapestry of little ideas and experiments to keep me writing, I do have a chunk of the adventures of Emel and Million awaiting more attention on my hard drive, along with some sci-fi stories. The genres that go up on here tend to be either fantasy, sci-fantasy, sci-fi or urban fantasy.

      • I write urban fantasy mainly, though it’s dark humour as well. I can’t quite think of the genre for it, but oh well. I wish I could write little stories like this. Generally I have one big idea and I write something long with it. Which is what I’m currently doing on my own blog. 😀

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