“You are a very, very weird person, Shev.” The woman laughed as she brought the drinks to the table. Her companion had carefully averted his eyes from the rather enthusiastic greeting that was taking place near where they were sat in the night club.

“Among my species, it is you and your kind that would be considered weird, Officer Kimdu.” Shev replied, taking his drink with a three finger and one thumbed hand. He looked at the human he’d been assigned to with a slightly puzzled expression.

“You don’t have to keep calling me Officer Kimdu. Just my first name, Alet, is fine.” She explained, sitting down opposite him. “I mean, I’m not calling you Kra-te-dah Maltienovini-Shev all the time. And in a few more drinks time, I don’t think I could even pronounce your title.”

“Very well, Alet.” Shev sighed, gesturing to the couple nearby who were still lost in their passionate embrace. He was one of the Maltie, a purple-skinned, three fingered alien race that were allied with humanity, even if they considered them to be rather strange creatures. “It is a rather… brutal greeting, is it not?”

“Brutal?” Alet grinned, looking over at the pair. She soon got his meaning, watching the woman trying her hardest to leave bruises as she kissed and nibbled at her partner’s neck. “Oh, that, never really got the reason behind it myself, but it’s supposed to be passionate.”

“Is all the groping really necessary? I would have thought they were by now fully aware of the form of each other, they’ve been at it for nine minutes and forty four seconds…” He sniffed, his flat nose surrounded by four nostril slits that flared as he exhaled.

“That’s a form of appreciation. Humans are tactile, Shev, generally we like to touch and be touched. We find the forms of those we’re attracted to very appealing, so we can get a hell of a lot of touching done before we get bored.” Alet laughed softly. Unlike Shev, she had ditched her Galactic Enforcement Officer uniform for a shimmering, strappy dress with a programmable display. Hers was currently set to the swirls of the Milky Way. Leaning in, she mopped her pink hair back and smiled. “So, how do you Maltie express intimacy and love if not like that?”

Holding up one of his hands, he wriggled his fingertips. The underside of his hand was a lighter purple compared to the more scaled top side, his fingerpads almost bulbous compared to hers. “We touch our fingerpads together, and lean in to touch foreheads. Our greetings are not that long.”

Unable to resist, Alet tucked her pinky finger in and brought her hand in, touching her fingertips to Shev’s. The alien’s cheeks went dark, almost black, from embarrassment. “Like that?”

He quickly removed his hand to massage the blood from his cheeks, his rounded eyes downcast. “Somewhat like that, yes.” There was silence between them for a while, before his curiousity got the better of him. “I have one more question regarding the… affectionate? couple over there.”

“Lay it on me, Shev.” His partner grinned, looking over to the pair.

“The transfer of fluids between them seems quite unsanitary. Is it really such a mainstay of your species’ physical communications?” He asked with a quirked brow.

Alet bit her lower lip to keep from laughing, leaning in to speak in a hushed tone. “If you think that’s bad, you’ll want to avoid the lady with the red hair at the bar who’s been eyeing you up. Humans love their fluid transfers. That there? That’s nothing.”

His head shot up, supported easily even by his slender neck. “What? What?” He said, before quickly averting his gaze from the waving woman at the bar. “Maltie-krov-desh… protect me, Alet?”

Her glass clinked against his. “Always, Shev. We’re GEO officers, partners. I’ll always have your back, be it against terrible criminals, evil monsters or lusty xenophiles.”


Author’s Note: Today’s 3 Word Wednesday Words were: Brutal, Grope, Transfer.


4 thoughts on “Fluids

    • It took me a bit of time to get writing, the ideas I had first were all a little dark, and a lot of the other 3WW stories went in that direction to. So I thought to try something a little lighter, and the idea came to mind of, well, this!

      Happy with how it turned out.

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