Bathing By Moonlight

From her vantage point, which was not really that advantageous, she could glimpse into the hot springs. A small gap in the wooden fence let her see a very narrow viewpoint, but that was more than enough for her.

Stood in the middle of the pool was one of her travelling companions, the mage Isarven. An Elf from the mountain city of Vadani, he possessed a lithe, toned frame. The light from the moon gave his pale skin a somewhat unearthly hue, and his pale blonde hair seemed almost silvery.

She bit her lip as he sunk beneath the water, clutching the fence as she waited for him to surface. So rapt was she that the pillar of ice-cold water that appeared overhead went unnoticed, until her dousing with it brought a shriek rising from the bottom of her lungs. Her hands clamped over her mouth, she peered back through the hole, expecting to see someone staring through, her position given away.

“I would appreciate it if you did not spy on me while bathing.” Isarven coughed politely from behind her. She whirled around to see him standing there, wrapped in a towel with a slender eyebrow raised. “The behaviour is most unseemly.”

She hung her head in shame, a rosy blush rising to her cheeks. At least the flush of warmth countered the fact she was dripping with near-freezing water, somewhat. “I’m sorry, Isarven, I-”

“I think you should go and take your own bath. With the other women.” He suggested, nodding over towards another part of the inn. “Standing around in wet clothes will not do you any favours.”

Her throat locking up prevented any form of reply. With a quick pace she hurried off back to the other baths, leaving Isarven standing on his own for a moment. With a heavy sigh, the elf glanced up into the trees. “You can stop leering too, Zachary. It’s unwholesome.”

From the mighty oak, a dark figure of a man dropped down into a crouch. Peering up at Isarven was a human, his beard and hair coal-black, and his blue eyes gleaming bright with mischief. “I always feel so naughty whenever someone uses my full name.”

“And that is because you usually are behaving so.” He chided, turning back towards the door to the spring. “I trust I can bathe in peace now, Zack?”

“Fine, fine…” Zack sighed. “Unless you want someone to scrub your back?”

The look Isarven gave made his feelings on the matter very clear: The only thing he wanted watching him in there was the moon.

Author’s Note: This Week’s 3 Word Wednesday words were: Douse, Pale, Naughty


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