He hated waiting for downloads. Sat at his desk with a timer running down towards the estimated time of completion, he cursed the poor internet infrastructure in his region. He could just about browse the internet and do small downloads, but when it came to larger files… In this case, it was the new Lords of Dragonkind game he had ordered a digital copy of.

Pushing himself out of his office chair, he made his way to the kitchen to get the kettle boiling. He often had time to have lunch while waiting for his data to arrive. Midway through pouring his cup of soup, the doorbell rang. Quickly topping off the mug, he ran to the front door to face the courier standing there, panting slightly with a small padded package held out.

“Your download…” The man panted, waiting for it to be taken before getting his palm device out to register the completed download. “Can you just sign here?”

“Sure… you know, you’d think it’d be cheaper just to upgrade the lines around here…” He commented as he took the stylus to the touchscreen.

“You’d think so, wouldn’t you? But apparently this turns out cheaper.” The courier laughed, taking the device back before heading to his bicycle. “Have a good day!”

Shutting the front door, he collected his cup of soup and returned to his desk. The dialogue window on the screen was flashing now, the window bar flashing a soft orange.

Download Complete, the message read.


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