With Shaking Hands

It was over. It was finally over. It had been a long quest, fraught with peril. She had met so many people along the way, people who became integral to her life. Whether as treasured friends or hated enemies, the journey she had taken went across continents and to places she had never dreamed of.

The Naetherdrake had been slain after a climactic battle. They had sustained injuries. Their blood had been shed. Their bodies ached from exertion. But they had overcome this final challenge like all those that had come before hand. The war had disrupted all their lives, and they yearned to see what an era of peace would bring them. And with that, with trembling arms, they could lay their weapons down for good.

And with shaking hands, she could set the controller down.


The game had been worth the saving of her pocket, birthday and Christmas money.


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