“I can’t wait to see the staff at work on our new touchscreen displays.” The CEO said with an excited expression on the elevator ride down from his office. “We put a lot of money into dynamic, hands-on interactive technology to fire up our workforce and get them working, twenty first century style.”

When he stepped out of the elevator though, he blinked. Everyone was sitting down at their desks, working from their old keyboards and mice. The brand new monitors weren’t having fingers swept across them, manipulating data like in the Hollywood blockbusters he’d seen earlier in the year.

“What’s the meaning of this? Why isn’t anyone using the touchscreens?” He asked one of the IT department staff, working away on a problematic computer.

“It’s quicker not to, Sir.” The technician replied. Noting the querying look, he continued. “It takes longer to type on the screen than it does on the keyboard, even when used to typing on there. There’s no feedback on keypresses like with the keyboards, the cursor of the mouse is more accurate,  the screens get dirty quicker, and then there’s the pain.”


“Of using it, Sir. Your arms and wrists soon get tired. ‘Gorilla arm’, we tend to call it.” He explained with a shrug.

“Why didn’t anyone tell me this before I placed the order?” The CEO groaned.

The IT worker considered his words carefully. “We were never asked, Sir. We just had them delivered with a note to install them in time for Monday.”


2 thoughts on “Touchscreen

  1. And in case anyone is wondering, Gorilla Arm is a real condition caused by using upright touch screens for long periods.
    One day people will realise that the latest cool technology is not always the best on for a given application. It’s unlikely that those people will be in management, of course.

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