The wise men pondered upon the tor, how best to contain the power and fury of the beast beneath. They had hoped it slain, but it merely slumbered.

Through feats of great strength and the determination of many, megaliths were heaved and hauled up to the hill, aligned by rigorous calculation to the passing of the sun and the phases of the moon.

Their effort was not in vain, and the wise men and the thinkers were proven valid. For millennia the henge has stood, its power suppressing waking thought from the malign creature hibernating below.


Author’s note: This week’s 3 Word Wednesday words were: Heave, Ponder, Valid.


3 thoughts on “Megalith

  1. The creature’s time will come no doubt. It is good to visit these places alone and talk to the beast in peace. The babble of tourists tend to make it very sleepy but cross.

  2. How cool! Another mystery is solved. I generally have a hard time concentrating on fantasy, but that wasn’t the case here. I like the idea of the sleeping (I almost wrote dragon) beast waiting underneath.

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