With his homework done on the first weekend of the half-term, Yusef had the rest of his week free for his favourite past-time. On Monday morning, he loaded up his schoolbag with bottles of drink, some sandwiches, a notepad and pen, a sketchpad and pencil and some books, slipped his wallet into his pocket, and headed down to the Underground station.

The Central Line from Woodford station took him straight down into the heart of the city. Through Leyton and Stratford to Bethnal and Shoreditch, before the train slid into Liverpool Street. His journey did not take him far from there, though. Not really. From the Central Line platform up to the Circle Line, amongst the workers and the tourists and the multitude of others making they way around the city just past rush hour, he grabbed a seat and got comfortable.

Every day was a different story for Yusef on the Circle Line. Sometimes he’d change over in the afternoon to explore a bit along the network, but it was the yellow line running a continuous route that kept his attention rapt. From writing and drawing to just reading a book, the only time he’d come off would be to use the bathrooms or to help others get around.

Everyone had a story on there, and by helping out those in need of direction he felt it was some way of paying back for all the inspiration his bimbling about gave him.


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