The new film he wanted to see had finished downloading to his smart TV. Sat on his comfortable chair in front of the television, he was all set for a night of film watching. He had his bowl of popcorn, he’d treated himself to a soda, and had his KnowledgeMate sat in the palm of his hand. Pressing play on the TV remote, he curled up as the production company logos rolled.

On screen, a group of people were hurrying towards a building, a briefcase held in their hands. He pressed the button on his KnowledgeMate, the film pausing.

“What’s going on?” He asked.

“The characters are heading to the building.” The KnowledgeMate replied.

“What is the building?” The follow up question came.

“It is a military research and development building.”

“What’s in the briefcase?”

“A top secret weapon.”

Pressing the button again, the film continued. Inside, the group of characters went past the sign clearly stating it to be the Brooke’s Point Army Research Facility, as one turned to the other mid-rush. “The sooner we get this weapon locked away safely, the better.”

It was only a matter of seconds before he was pressing the button again to ask what was happening.

Author’s Note: Just a little bugbear of mine given fictional life.


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