“Exciting news emerged from NASA today regarding the possibility of first contact with an alien race. Object SC47-ATX, thought at first to be an asteroid, undertook a course change that scientists say could only have come from power by some form of engine. The newly calculated trajectory puts it on an orbital transfer path to Earth. The United Nations Security Council has met in order to discuss what military defences may be needed in case of hostile intentions, while the UN has convened to cover ways of going about peaceful contact. More now on the breaking story that we may not be alone in the universe-“

Tyrone Simmons shut the TV off with a huff. “It’s like bad sci-fi,” the teenager harrumphed. He was at the age where he was very sure of what was right with the world, and this definitely was not. “There’s no such thing as aliens, but all people are talking about at school is this and that and ‘what if it’s like Independence Day?’. Science isn’t always right.”

Ranting at the TV was a habit he had picked up from his mother, but she still wasn’t particularly impressed with it. “In that case, Ty, you have no reason not to tidy your room. If you want me to do your washing, you have to make sure I’m not going to trip over on my way to get it.” She stated, pointing upstairs.

With a forlorn sigh and a slouch to his shoulders, the young man started padding his way upstairs, grumbling all the way.

“Nice work as always, Louise.” Her husband grinned, looking up from his newspaper as she returned into the kitchen. “He’s such a little sceptic now. Used to be infatuated with the idea of aliens.”

“Well, we all know where he got his alien infatuation from, Marcus.” Louise smiled, wandering over to cuddle up from behind. A nervous sigh escaped her lips though. “I am worried about this though.” She said with a jabbing finger at the article on the object in the broadsheet.

“You have nothing to worry about, hun. If anyone has anything to worry about, it’s me.” He laughed, taking her hand in his. “I’m going to be meeting your parents, after all. You’ve already met mine.”


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