Cooking for the One You Love

Everything had to go perfectly that evening. The table was set with the best tablecloth, the finest plates and cutlery, an ornate candle holder with a beeswax candle ready to be lit, and a dainty vase filled to bursting with beautiful flowers.

He laboured hard in the kitchen, giving each dish a a touch of flare. All the ingredients were treated with equal importance, picking the best of the best for use in the cooking of a favourite dish.

As he arrived at the table with the food, artfully arranged and smelling divine, he glanced across the table and smiled warmly. Taking his seat, he ate with deliberate slowness, savouring each bite as he gazed over into his eyes. He looked so happy, so content and so at peace with the world.

A glass was raised in toast to his reflection. When it came to cooking for the one you love, he pulled out all the stops. He was worth it, after all.


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