As the lights turned green she slammed her foot down on the accelerator, knuckles white as she gripped the steering wheel with one hand. Through the streets they went, turning wildly to weave through traffic, foot holding pedal hostage against the floor.

There was no stopping her as she shifted the gears and pulled on the handbreak, doing wild stunts and crazy manoeuvres that would dazzle and shock the other drivers. She was the best driver in the world, her wild antics at the wheel could only stand testament to that.

From the other seat, her mother looked on with a happy smile. Her hands were on the larger, more authentic wheel in the ten-to-two position. It, along with the dashboard, wasn’t made out of brightly coloured plastic. Her pedals actually touched the floor and connected to the mechanics instead of a clip on part hanging from by the glovebox. And most importantly, she was driving sensibly in the speed limit, giving herself good room between cars.

“Mama, I’m the best driver ever!” Her daughter grinned.

“It’ll still be a while before I lend you my car, sweetie.” Was the only reply she could give.


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