Stay Frosty

She was unresponsive, shoulders slumping as they sped towards the building in the distance.

“You can do it, come on! We’re almost there, then you’ll be fine.” Her companion said, trying his best to encourage her. His legs pumped like never before to get her to safety, to get her the care she needed.

She sagged, finding it harder and harder to keep her head up. Sweat tricked into her eyes, in fact she was sweating all over. Her clothing felt completely sodden. Time and distance blurred for her as they travelled, the bright lights from inside the building just making things worse when they got there.

Through the corridors her friend ran, pushing her along with all his might to the only place that could save her. The heavy vaulted door was being swung open, with just enough space for both to pass through. The wave of cold washed over her, focusing her attention.

“You’re here… you’re going to be fine.” He smiled, adjusting her hat as they sat amongst the frozen meat and other produce. Pulling gloves on, he carefully gathered boxed snow to pad her sagging shape back into proper form, much to her relief.

“There you go, I said I’d get you back in here in time.” The boy smiled, carefully adjusting her nose from where it had started to droop. With a few more bits of snow patted on, he stepped back to admire his triage work, before heading for the door to give a cheery wave.

“I’ll come by and see how you’re doing later. Stay frosty!”


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