The vertex of the Rossabel Corporation building provided the perfect loitering spot for her from the torrent of rain lashing across the city. Tucked into an alcove near the helicopter pad, she peered out across the cityscape. Lights from windows and advertising pierced the smoky veil that had settled across the city, her keen eyes able to make out landmarks further than most could through the smog.

There was little to do up there other than watch the city. Her MP3 player was out of charge, her phone for official business only, and her e-book reader left in her other bag at home. Dressed in loose-fitting trousers and a tight black top that showed off plenty of arm, it was more the rain she was sheltering from than the murky humidity that had come with it.

Idly, her tongue probed against one of her long fangs, tip flicking around the tiny indentations hiding the venom canals that delivered a potent anti-coagulant and analgesic to her prey. The iron-tang from her last meal nary an hour ago was still present, causing her to pop a stick of gum in her mouth.

Her sharp ears picked up the helicopter in the distance, well attuned to the distinctive sound of her employers mode of transport. She idled away from the rain for a few minutes more before the wind started to buffet against the area. With impressive acrobatics she flipped and twisted herself up onto the pad to meet Mister Rossabel.

As the doors slid back, she took the umbrella offered to shelter him from the rain. He stood besides her, tall and muscular with a sharp taste in suits and cologne. He offered her his usual friendly smile, taking one of her hands to lay a kiss on.

“Maddy, you look as alive as ever.” He quipped, musing for a moment before adjusting the short crop of blonde hair she had. “We’ll be heading down to the car, I have a business meeting to attend to at a restaurant. Have you eaten, yet?”

“Before I started, Mister Rossabel.” Maddy smiled to him. “I’d not make the mistake of the one who slipped away to bite someone in the bathroom, leaving you unguarded.”

“Of course you wouldn’t. You have a good head on your shoulders.” He replied, starting his walk to the elevator lobby, her at his side with the umbrella held aloft.

“Are you expecting any trouble tonight, Mister Rossabel?” She asked as a matter of interest as they reached the doors, letting him step inside before closing the umbrella and joining him. Her boss was a man of superstition, and to bring his umbrella, open, into a building? That was unthinkable.

“After that excellent bit of work you did at the docks, Maddy? I think the Clan may be looking for some payback. But, that’s what happens when you’re at the top.”


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