Nestled under the bedcovers they cuddled, even as explosions rocked the vast, royal city of Makarl. The Dead Army had begun their siege, and her R&R time before the fight had gone over a bit. Regretfully slipping out of her lover’s arms and from under the warm blankets, she started to gather her things.

“You’ll be all right out there, won’t you?” He asked, head peeking out from the cave formed by the bundled quilt.

“Of course I will.” She was confident, assured of victory. Turning as she slipped her knee-high leather boots on, a stocky heel and sole giving her a lot of stability and grip, she flashed a grin at him. “You should get back to the castle, you have your job to do, too.”

Rising out of bed, he fetched the bundle of his clothes, discarded a short distance from the foot of the bed. They were quick to slip into, and he was dressed while being observed by his lover with fond looks sent his way. Stepping over to her, he kissed the side of her neck, drawing locks of coal-black hair away with his fingertips. “Take care out there, my love.”

She winked at him, patting his rear as he hurried out of the room. With her underclothes on, there was just one thing left for her to do before getting to fighting:

She put on her robe and wizard hat.

Author’s note: Sometimes the old (for the internet in any case) phrases are the best.


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