The Dragon

The dragon screeched in pain, its head lashing from side to side on its long neck as a streak of pain ran through its body. The green-scaled beast scratched at the sides of its lair with its wing-mounted talons, belches of fire and bursts of steam coming from nostrils and mouth alike.

The Barbarian hung up his axes on his belt, looking a little shocked. “Didn’t think this would be the job.”

Turning to the Barbarian, the Wizard spoke with an ashen face. “I’ve got a rudimentary understanding of Dragontongue and she’s saying-”

“That’s a she?” The Rogue quipped. “Would not like a blind date with her.”

The Priest, The Druid and the Paladin shot the Rogue a look as the Wizard continued.

“She’s saying she’s in labour. And swearing. Lots of swearing.” The Wizard spoke, taking a deep breath before she continued. “She says we can take what both hands can carry from her treasure if we swear a sacred oath to leave her be while she births her young.”

“I thought dragons gave birth to eggs?” The Paladin asked, confused.

“Her species does live births… which explains why so many cattle went missing recently. She was stocking up on food, for herself and the whelp.” The Druid mused, fingers running through his carefully-plated beard.

The Dragon belched flames, and the Wizard flinched. “She’s impatient to know the answer.”

The Rogue, the Barbarian, and the Priest eyed the vast wealth of gold and gems nearby.

“I could do with the capital to invest in a little business. Entirely legitimate, of course.” The Rogue coughed.

“Could send the funds back home to the Clan.” The Barbarian mused.

“The donation would care for the sick and injured at my home temple.” The Priest intoned. The Paladin stared at him, and the Priest stared back. “Think of the good you could do with that money, properly distributed.”

The Paladin thought on that, and the situation at hand. To attack a mother in pregnancy, even if that mother was a dragon… and the gold could buy new livestock for the townsfolk. With a heavy sigh, he nodded. “Fine.”

The Wizard looked at the Druid. “I will… you?”

“No.” The Druid spoke, earning shocked expressions and a glare from the dragon. Approaching her, he rolled up his sleeves. “I will however, take the gold as payment for my services in midwifery. I have not birthed a dragon whelpling before, but I have assisted in the birth of livestock and centaurs. If you will have my assistance, that is?”

The Dragon eyed him warily, before looking to the Wizard, giving a snort a few moments later.

“She says yes.” The Wizard replied, before rolling her sleeves up too. “You’ll need me to translate, and it would be a fascinating study.”

“I’ll help.” The Priest added. “After all, it is a duty to help those in need, right my friend?” He said, looking to the Paladin.

The Paladin sent a long-suffering look towards his friend, before nodding. “You’re right.”

Rogue and Barbarian looked at each other. “We’ve not got much choice now, have we?” The Rogue asked.

The Barbarian flashed a big grin to his team-mate. “Honestly? I don’t think there was a choice to make.”


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