Filcher of the Modern Age

Unassuming. Usual. Ordinary. He sat in one corner of the coffee chain’s store, sipping from one of their cups as he tapped away on a battered old laptop, set apart in age and condition from the sleek, modern, trendy models being totted in by students from the nearby university.

On his screen sat some half-finished essays, procrastinating in his work over two-for-one muffins and a ‘artisan’ coffee with an enigmatic name. It was merely a front however, for the program working in the background. Through the wi-fi connection he’d toyed with, he harvested information. The foolish on their fresh out of the box products broadcast a smorgasbord of information, poor or no encryption allowing the harvest of user names, passwords, e-mail addresses. With the free wi-fi policy and the table space for studying, and those tapped in to the wireless on their cellphones, it would take a while to sift through the chaff to find the nuggets of digital gold.

Each piece was a key to a life. With enough keys, he could unlock the information to allow him full access. Unsafe passwords and poorly thought out security questions coupled with a wealth of knowledge on social media gave him access all areas to so many things. It made him chuckle a little to think of all the time wasted filching and pickpocketing out on the streets. A wallet here, a cellphone there, while that all added up, with his current set up?

He was reaping the rewards.


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