Sensory Deprivation

The faint sound of laughter could be heard outside of the SenseDep pod the prisoner was in. Two guards in the room exchanged glances. The older guard looked rather disturbed by the noise. The younger, a new recruit, just looked puzzled.

“Why’s she laughing, Sir?” He asked respectfully, eyeing the pod.

“We don’t know. Some prisoners? They crack in there, get transferred out to a psych unit. Her? Every time she’s been tested, nothing has been wrong with her.” Came the reply. “She must like it though, she’s constantly getting into enough trouble to be sent here.”

“Hard to imagine why… it just scared me in there, the lack of light, floating in water… I could hear my heartbeat so clearly.” The younger man shuddered at the memory. “There was nothing pleasant there.”

“Perhaps it’s best we don’t know then…”

She floated through the lush forest, chasing after the white fox with a grin plastered on her face. Away from the distractions of the correctional facility, no sight or sound to disturb her, she was able to imagine impossible worlds to glide free in. Through arched branches and over sloped trunks she sped, bathed in sunlight flickering over her as the leaf-laden branches filtered it.

In the darkness, time lost meaning and physical location was irrelevant. While deprived of light, she was not deprived of her freedom. Infinite worlds of impossible physics were a mere thought away. From forest to ocean, sky to volcano, volcano to ancient ruins, she went where she wished and saw what she wanted.

In the darkness, she was free.


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