They approached with caution. Caution was their modus operandi these days. One, a young man nearing his twenties, was clad in motorcycle riding gear, helmet on and a crowbar held tightly in one padded glove. The other, a teenage girl, was dressed in army surplus gear and carried with her a modern, sleek bow.

Their target was a small farmhouse set amongst the trees, set off a quiet byway. Archie, as she said to call her, hated doing this. It set her stomach aflutter when they had to search a house. She always hoped for nothing, then for zombies, and only then after all that for the living. Misunderstandings could be lethal.

Danny, on the other hand, was the more confident of the pair. Archie would say he was driven by his desire to find his girlfriend, insistent that she and her family would still be alive. But to get up to Scotland, where he said they’d be, would require supplies. Each house became a stepping stone, carrying at least a few things that would get them further.

Archie didn’t particularly care. She just didn’t want to be alone. So she stuck with him for now.

“Arch, stay there.” He called back, before pushing his visor up. “HELLO!” He called, banging his crowbar against a worse-for-wear looking tractor. The sound rang out across the yard.

Notching an arrow, Archie kept her string loose as she swept her gaze across the area, senses focused for any sign of life or undeath.

Danny repeated his actions again, then one more time. Each bang from his crowbar brought flakes of paint off from the tractor. After a few more moments, he waved her closer. “Alright. Stick close, we’ll go for the kitchen, then move out from there. Don’t wander off.”

“I’m not stupid, Danny.” She sighed, giving him a look. Just visible with his visor up, he flashed her a knowing grin.

“I know you’re not, but it freaks you out. So try not to bolt.”

She hated it when he was right.

They moved to the front door, Danny putting his hand through the glass to reach for the lock with practised ease. He called out again. “Hello? Sorry about the door, but if there’s anyone in here, let us know and we’ll back off. We don’t want to get shot.”

Archie tensed up as she waited. The guttural moan that came was rather relaxing. Good old predictable zombies. It shuffled out of a room, limping towards them. Archie turned away just in time to hear the sickening crunch sound of a crowbar being driven through bone.

“Let’s get moving, Arch. But stay focused,” He paused as he pulled his weapon clear, “room to room sweep so we know it’s vacant.”

Note from the Author: Today’s 3 Word Wednesday words are: Focused, Pair, Vacant.


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