Buff Up

D701-Martin was not a hit with the ladies. It wasn’t that he was a factory line worker, a relatively menial position. It wasn’t that he was a robot. It wasn’t even his life-long support of the New Icenia Zero-G Ball team, as poorly as they were doing in the league.

It was his casing that was the problem. Dings, dents, scratches, scuffs, chips, chinks and more marked his durateknium shell from long hours of overtime at the factory, producing parts for bigger, better robots with bells and whistles (bells and whistles were an optional extra, except in the case of the Orchestral Unit Mark VI’s).

With the passing of yet another year of uptime, and a considerable amount of work credit tucked away in his account from all that overtime, he decided to do something about it. The next day, he booked himself in for a revamp. He weighed the various options up as he looked over the brochure. Dent removal was a must, as was a sand down and polish. He idly considered a paint job, before realising that the metallic look was popular this season. Chassis bling was a definite no-no. There would be no diamond studs on his antenna, nor would there be oversized after-market cooling installed on his back. With its LED strips and spinners on the fan, that was just too gaudy.

No, D701-Martin knew just what he needed. He needed to buff up. For this year of his operational capacity? He was going to shine.


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