Teaching Assistant, trainee and all-round sunny-faced woman Tiffany Gregor stood between the party of children she was helping to show around the museum, and the re-animated sabre-toothed tiger that was crouched low in front of them.

As the students, only a few in their double digits, whimpered in fear, Tiffany stood resolute with arms spread out to protect them. She was imperturbable as the tiger snarled, defiant as it rose, and utterly awesome as it lunged.

Dropping her Thermos flask full of tea, her clipboard of names and her museum guide, Tiffany struck out with her hands, a ball of lightning rapidly gathering charge with snapping, fizzling crackles of electricity. Eye to eye, tiger and teacher stared at each other before her gathered power discharged.

A bolt of lightning sunders the air, hurling the ancient beast backwards into a herbivore display. The smell of its chemically-treated fur burning began to waft up from it in dark tendrils of smoke.

“Miss Gregor, that was awesome” A boy, Billy, piped up with as she recovered her things. She flashed him a quick, reassuring smile.

“Thank you, but I need you all to stay close to me. Who knows what other beasts and critters may have sprung to life.” She ordered in calm, authoritative tones. “Hold hands and keep aware. This is not the sort of exciting that a field trip should be!”


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