Violet Delight kicked the police car aside with a single motion, laughing as it skidded out of the way. The well-built villain, her arms and legs revealing the definition of her muscles, glowed with a purple-blue hue as she dominated the scene outside of the bank.

“Get some real cars, rozzers!” She laughed, a spin-kick sending another careening away. “Did you get these from Matchbox? Corgi? Whatevs, they suck hard and go far!” She yelled, digging her hands into the radiator grill of a police response van that had just rolled up. With nary a sign of strain, she hefted the vehicle up and over her head. It came to a loud crash a few feet behind her.

“Vi, just a few minutes more and we’re clear.” A voice came over her headset. From the slightly spaced pronunciation, it must have been Wasted Potential, the perpetually pot-smoking kinetic manipulator.

“I could do this all day!” She both replied and boasted as riot gear-clad officers ran in to close combat range. Her glowing hands snatched their batons away from them, wresting and wrestling as she fell into battle with something that wasn’t car-sized.

She kept moving back towards the bank between take-downs, working hard to keep the attention on herself and block the main way in to where her team were working. The strike of the batons did little to her toughened form. The CO19 armed response units pulling up to the scene on the other hand would smart a little more.

Her tactics shifted, keeping the riot police engaged to form a wall between her and the armed officers. They wouldn’t shoot into their own ranks. Well, she hoped they wouldn’t.

“We’re clear. Pull out, Vi.” The order came.

Grinning brightly, she slammed her hands together. The aura that flickered about her body intensified sharply, a violescent starburst to dazzle and disorient as she started her retreat.

For all her playfulness, she was well aware when to end playtime.


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