“This is it, everyone.” The scientist announced in a hushed, almost reverent voice. All eyes were on her as they gathered in the oversized operating theatre. “I want nothing but your best work today. What we accomplish today could be the inception of a new age.”

On the operating table, face down, was a body as still as the grave. Various cords and cables were plugged into nodes and jacks on its body, mechanical boreholes in artificial flesh. Its spine, neck and skull lay open, exposed to the sterile, dust-free air of the theatre. Suspended in a large, nutri-gel filled tank was the missing piece. The brain, brain stem and spine of an artificial biointelligence. Connection points and plugs ready to be linked to the new body.

“Abil is ready.” Its creator said from by the tank, pride in his eyes as he laid a glove-clad hand on the smooth glass. “We’ve all been briefed as to what this will entail, we’ve put the practice hours in, we’re all set. Doctor, shall we?”

“We shall, Professor. Places, everyone. Beginning procedure ‘Blue Dawn’, time is seven minute past nine in the morning, January the First, Twenty-One-Thirty-Two. Patient is the artificial biointelligent life-form, otherwise known as Abil.” The doctor announced clearly and calmly, setting off a flurry of activity. “Let’s make history.”


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