“You said you’d be back by nine-fifteen!” He sobbed, pacing back and forth in the hallway. “I was worried.”

“I said I’d be back at about that time, dear, and it’s only nine-seventeen now.” She explained calmly, reaching out to her agitated partner. Halting his frantic movements, she ran her thumbs along his shoulders.

“I got worried when you were a minute late, and when you were two minutes late…” He was dialling the emergency services just as she got in, his previous attempt to call her cellphone stymied by the lack of battery charge.

“I know… listen, why don’t you make a cup of tea for us? I’ll make sure it never happens again, okay?” She smiled gently, leaning in to kiss his cheek. With a mute little nod, he ambled towards the kitchen leaving her free to log into her computer.

It took only a short amount of time to pull his configuration file up. The latest firmware update had reset her partner’s notification of owner absence alert setting. No wonder he was so upset, she thought as she toggled the slider to something more appropriate. With a hit of the confirm button, the instructions were uploaded to the household network and beamed wirelessly into his logic cores.

He was quick in setting the cup of tea besides her. “I had one made already.”

“I know, and it’s not your fault. I tinkered with your settings, it was making you too precise in waiting for me to get in.” She looked up into the deep, handsome eyes of the android companion she had purchased a few months ago. “But after we’ve had our cup of tea… I’ll apologise for making you worry?” Her eyes flicked to the door to the bedroom.

With an eager smile, he raised his cup of tea in toast. “You know I could never say no to that.”


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