The Surge

It washed over her like a cool tide, sensitizing the skin.

No, it flowed from her core like a pulse, pushing goosebumps out to prickle against her clothing.

Wait, it was a thrum of unearthly potential, vibrating through her form at a perfect resonance.

Or… no, putting it into words just didn’t do it justice.

So instead, she clamped the headphones to her ears and let the surge of the music overwhelm her. Soaring guitars, pounding drums, rousing vocals, evocative synth and rapid-pulse bass all worked together in a heady cocktail that made anything possible, that made her feel superhuman. At least until the track ended.

But there was always another track. And after that?

There was always the option to repeat ad infinitum.

Author’s Note: Rough few days, potential to get rougher. Got to go with the things you enjoy though. So reading, music, games and good television.


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