Something Sunday: I Call Her Sexy

“I call her Sexy,” The scientist said proudly as she gazed at her creation. A smooth metallic body, long legs, curves in all the right places and big blue eyes to peer at the world with. “She’s not only a work of art, but more than capable of all the functions you specified.”

“So you have said, but I would be more satisfied with a field test.” The man in military uniform replied, licking his lips in anticipation.

“Oh, I wouldn’t dream of letting you buy her without her demonstrating just what she can do.” The scientist replied, flicking some switches on the remote control.

With a breathy sigh, Sexy lifted herself up, uncrossing her legs to stand with poise and grace as she showed off. With a slight gasp, she braced herself, focusing on the item brought to her attention with those bright eyes.

Her body shuddered as her main cannon fired, driving a large calibre round through the APC’s armour plating. Her four legs flexed and stretched as she moved towards the target with a swish to her gait, machine gun emplacements rising out of her body to deliver round after round of machine gun fire and bursts of explosive pellets at the target. At close range, it clenched its foot up into a tight spike shape and drove it through the bay door. Easily tearing it from its hinges, it discarded it and posed for its creator and prospective buyer.

“That was a thing of beauty.” The military officer said, appreciation of the quadpedal weapon clear in his voice.

“Now you see why I call her Sexy.” The scientist replied, looking fondly at her most recent creation. “How many can I put you down for?”


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