Three worshippers sat in a row, staring as unblinking as the monument they praised. It had fallen dormant, deaf to their invocations with little reason as to why it had entered such a state.

They had tried to see if the conduits were misaligned or worse, tampered with and removed. That was not the case.

They called on the priest of their flock to enter a deep trance, hoping to reach out to the monument and make it resume its work, divining the world for their minds to learn. It did not work.

Not even the holy texts and incomprehensible scripts they possessed could shed no light on the situation, until the fourth of their party joined them.

“What are you doing?” She asked of her room-mates, setting her carrier bags down as she returned from her turn to do the grocery shopping.

“The internet’s down.” They chanted in perfect sync.

“There’s a telecom van out by the box on the street now, doing some work.” She replied.

“Oh.” Said one, blinking at last.

“Ah.” Said the second, stretching her legs.

“Want a hand with the shopping?” Asked the third with a weary sigh.

Just then, the router’s diagnostic lights blinked. There was a mad scramble from the three as they rushed to check games console, laptop and desktop alike.

“The internet’s back!” They chanted in unison. And she was left to put the shopping away by herself.


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