You Didn’t Like It

Author’s note: This is a bit of a dark one today, so I’m chucking it behind a cut. ‘a bit of a dark one’ may be an understatement. Expect violence, pain and irrationality aplenty in today’s offering

Blow after blow from her feet landed against his side, bringing winces from the sharp pain before the sensations dulled into throbbing pain. Her heels clicked on the floor as she paced around  him, before delivering a swift kick to his back that made him arch out of the foetal position he’d curled himself into.

“You sick bastard, I can’t believe I let you watch my kids!” She screamed, driving her heel down against his waist. The scream it brought from him fell on no one’s ears.

“People like you should be shot! Or drowned! Or… whatever, you sick freaks don’t deserve to live!” Her voice was hoarse as she levelled another kick against his prone form.

It took a while for his own reply to rasp out from between his swollen, beaten lips. “I… didn’t do… anything… no idea what you…. are on about…”

“You know exactly what you did!” She bellowed, kicking at his kneecaps with pointed toed boots. With another full swing from her leg, she kicked him onto his back and crouched down besides him, her perfume cloying and choking at close range as she wrapped a hand around his throat. With her free hand, she pulled her mobile phone out and showed him the damning picture on the screen.

“You.” she punctuated the gap between words with a squeeze from her hand. “Didn’t.” Another squeeze. “Like.” Her thumbnail gouged into his neck, red blood spilling over pink nail varnish. “It!”

His right eye, too puffy from her earlier assaults, was unable to take in the image. His left widened as he saw. He couldn’t help but gurgle a weak chuckle from the back of his throat. “You’re… joking…”

“IT’S NO JOKE!” She screamed, delivering a slap with the back of her hand. “All of them liked it. Except you. And  that can only mean one thing…”

“Liking it… does nothing…” He wheezed. “Stops nothing… just pointless scamming… doesn’t help… just makes idiots feel better.”

“How DARE you?!” She snarled, her grip tightening around both phone and neck. Only one was capable of choking. “It says right there. If you Like it, you help to stop it. If you ignore, you don’t care, or worse, you approve.”

His oxygen-starved throat could utter nothing, but his eyes spoke volumes of contempt before he blacked out. All the while as he choked, she uttered the mantra that apparently warranted her committing murder: You didn’t Like it.

Author’s Note: Yeah, I know, right? This one was inspired after checking my Facebook feed, and seeing several of those ‘Like if you want bad things to stop’ photos being bandied about. They don’t work, and in some cases are simply scams that hurt real lives because a photograph has been stolen without consent and a story has been mocked up to fit it. One day, it could have dire consequences for someone.


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