Ceridwyn Brent felt that something was definitely amiss. A bright and sunny Saturday afternoon in September was one thing but the fact she was on the roof and Lily Carpenter, her sun-worshipping half-Succubus lover, was not? That troubled the young thaumatologist.

Tucking the book she had been reading, a treatise on various inks for enchantments from her parents’ library, under one arm she padded downstairs from the roof of High Towers in search of her wayward housemate.

She was very surprised to find the lithe, exotically sensual woman limbering up in the lounge while wearing a cheer-leaders outfit. “Is it my birthday?” She asked, eyebrow raised.

“Not quite.” Lily said, lips forming into a wicked little grin. “That bloke who does the stories about us.”

“Well, that explains why I’m feeling a bit odd.” Ceri replied, lips pouted in thought as she glanced around the room. “This place is different to how I remember.”

“Yeah,” Lily nodded. “That’s what happens when someone else writes about us.”

“That explains the lot in the kitchen then.” Twill spoke, flittering into the room with a cup of coffee for the mistress of the house. Noting the sorceress’ puzzled expression, Twill went on to explain, “Other characters, polite enough, but there’s a pair of twins with some serious armaments. Guns for one, swords for the other.”

“Oh, that must be Annette and her sister.” Lily blinked.

“Barrington? We had that little crossover fiction last year for the author’s birthday…” Ceri nodded, before glancing upwards. “Unfinished crossover fiction.”

There was a moment of guilty inactivity in the house, before Ceri sighed. “I suppose I better usher them in.”

“It’s only proper as the mistress of the house.” Twill nodded. “What are you going to do?” She asked of Lily.

The chestnut brown-haired girl hurriedly picked her pompoms up. “I’m going to get my cheer in now before the others drown it out.” She said, before breaking into a high-kicking, pompom shaking routine complete with chant.

“Happy birthday to the one / who writes the stories ’bout our fun / try not to be so very mean / your cruelness on our lives ain’t keen / books nine and ten are still to come / we’ll see what’s next after they’re done / gooooooo author!”

With a satisfied nod, she discarded the pompoms carelessly onto the floor and skipped off to find out just what Ceri was up to.

Note from the Author: Niall Teasdale, author of the Thaumatology series, is a year older today. The crossover Ceri mentions was indeed part one (part two wasn’t finished for various reasons) of a T101/City of Heroes piece called ‘The Key of Tharcion’, involving some of his City of Heroes creations.


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