Dark Romance.

Author’s Note – Vampires below, just a heads up.

A hateful, hurt scream shook the bedroom of an old house set back from the edge of town. As the man screamed, the book he was reading was hurled with supernatural force at an inoffending wall. The wall took no damage, but the worn spine of the book gave way from the impact, spluttering glue-loosened pages onto dark floorboards.

“It doesn’t work like that!” The man cried, fists clenched tight and body trembling with unbridled emotion. “It never works like that! Even the fools, the deluded… hopeful… love-struck fools aren’t the way they’re written! You… you idiot!”

His accusation was levelled not only at the book on the floor, but the inert body of a woman. The last remnants of her life-blood stained the boards on the floor, her skin ashen and face fixed in a rictus of terror. Twin puncture holes marred the smooth skin of her neck, fading blond-dyed hair clinging around it steeped in sanguine.

“I’m not mysterious!” His fists shattered a mirror that deemed him unworthy of reflection.

“I’m not supernaturally alluring!” A kick shattered one of the bare bricks of the bedroom.

“I’m not iron-willed regarding my hungers!” Hunter’s agility let him leap in a single bound through the tall window of his bedroom, shattered glass and long splinters of wood piercing his slender form, dark ichor running from the wounds down his body.

“It’s just a lie! Dark romance, people thinking they can change me, let me overcome this curse and affliction and damned state of being?! It’s falsehoods and figments!” The vampire denounced the night sky, the mouth voicing those words lingering on the sweet taste of unwilling feast and lips still flecked with blood.


2 thoughts on “Dark Romance.

  1. I love this – it’s either a really good, dark story, or a wonderful satire on Twilight.

    Only one thing would be missing here:
    “I’m not sparkly!”

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