Last Chance Station

Author’s Note: Having a little experiment with something today, a bit of a radio-play style.

Female Operations Announcer: The current time is 0600 hours Station Standard Time. The downcycle period of low power consumption and activity restriction is ending. Farside Station is currently entering midcycle mode.

Male Operations Announcer: The current time is 0700 hours Station Standard Time. The Commissary is now open in the 1G sector for breakfast.

Male Operations Announcer: This is the 0800 alarm call for all upcycle shift workers. Please report to your sections for briefings and operation reports.

Female Operations Announcer: The current time is 0900 hours Station Standard Time. Farside Station has entered upcycle mode. All down- and midcycle restrictions on activity and power consumption have ended. Please be mindful of sleeping downcycle workers in the residential sections of the station.

Commander Jarvek Emmerson: Clare, could I have a word with you?

Operations Captain Claire Itashi: Of course, Commander.

Jarvek: My office?

Clare: Sure thing.

<Sound of doors sliding open and shutting, twice.>

Jarvek: It’s nothing serious, or official for that matter, so don’t worry. Take a seat.

Clare: Yes, sir. And thank you.

Jarvek: You seemed a little down during the briefing today. Distracted. I just wanted to make sure everything was alright.

Clare: My apologies, Sir-

Jarvek: You can call me by my first name, Clare. ‘Sir’ makes me feel older than I am.

Clare: Force of habit, S- Jarvek. It’s just… we’ve got a ship coming through the jump gates today for final checks before start making their jumps into uncontrolled space.

Jarvek: Ah yes, the SCV Johannesburg? Another colony and exploration vessel, should be arriving at 1400. What about it?

Clare: My daughter’s aboard it, she’s First Assistant Xenobiologist for the Johannesburg mission.

Jarvek: I didn’t know that, I’m surprised you hadn’t mentioned-

Clare: We didn’t part on the best of terms, Sir. So I’ve been dreading any meeting, and…

Jarvek: Worried about her as well?

Clare: Of course. How many ships have we seen jump out that way since we were established here?

Jarvek: Today’s will be number forty four.

Clare: And how many have we heard back from?

Jarvek: That doesn’t necessarily mean anything, Clare. Some of these ships have years to go still before they reach their designated areas of interest. And not only that, but their sensor array and data report information bypasses us completely, beamed directly back to Sol Command for interpretation. We’re lucky that they even bring us supplies and parts on their trips.

Clare: <Sighs> I know, Jarvek, but…

Jarvek: I’ll put it simply for you. We are going to need your help today in Operations to get that whale aligned and docked with us, without another SCV Tripoli incident. So I need you to be on top form and giving it your all before we can hand this over to Engineering, Medical and Science Sectors. After that’s done, you can go and see your daughter, if you want. Or you can hide in aeroponics and if she comes looking for you, I can play ignorant.

Clare: That would be helpful, Jarvek, but are you sure you can spare me?

Jarvek: I’ll get someone to pull an early or late lunch break for you. As for what you’ll do? That’s something you’re going to have to work out for yourself, I’m afraid.

Clare: Thank you, Sir, and it’s appreciated. Is there anything else?

Jarvek: Unless you have anything to add, no. Head back to your post, Clare, I need to speak to Delgardo over in Engineering, I’ve had more complaints about the water pressure in the showers in Residential Block C.

Clare: Yes, Sir.

<Doors open/close.>



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