“So, that’s why they call you Reliquary?” Pilgrim asked as The Reliquary closed his ribcage with steady, strong force from his hands on each part.

“That is correct, Pilgrim.” Reliquary replied, his voice soft and serene compared to his brutish bulk and war-scarred skin.

“May I ask how it got there?” The young Pilgrim asked intently, offering the larger being a hand up from where he had knelt to show her the holy object.

“Of course.” He beckoned for her to sit, instead of taking the hand up. He smiled as she knelt opposite himself, eyes full of attentiveness. Reaching for his pack, he took out a wooden flask and drank deeply from it before starting his story.

“In my youth, I went by another title. They called me Heartless, and with my fellows Hopeless, Fearless and Loveless we roamed the land, bringing havoc upon settlements and countrysides. I was in my four hundredth year when, in our rampage across the Continents, we met one of the Virtues in our path. He was Compassion, and he stood with arms wide open between my cohorts and our destination, the gates to a rich city called Prosperity.”

“I’ve heard of it, yes. Please, go on.”

“We attempted to strike him down, but Compassion just stood there, radiating the aura of his being towards us. Through his nature, he understood what drove us and was able to scare off my allies, leaving me alone with him. He smiled at me, and asked a single question. ‘Why are you so, Heartless?’ My response was that when I was but a baby, Thief stole from me to give to a child born in his village missing what I had. Nodding in understanding, he reached into his chest and gave me part of his boundless life in the form of the Compassionate Relic.”

“And named you Reliquary?” Pilgrim asked, having dug a scroll and piece of inkstick out of her satchel to write notes with.

“No, I named myself that. And so I took to wandering a more peaceful path, speaking to all who might wish to know more, or need more of compassion. Is there anything I can assist you with, Pilgrim?” The muscular man asked.

“You have already, Reliquary.” She replied, rising to her feet and offering him a hand up. “Thank you for your time, and your words.”



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