Wake Up Self Check

Even as she dreamed, Astrid van Bergen could see the flickering outline of her heads up display as it came online. Neurocouplers and neurochemical balancers began their regular routine to rouse her from yet another sleep cycle. In stark contrast to the sunny fields of the Netherlands she had been dreaming about, chasing her childhood pet dog through swathes of long grass and tufts of wild flowers, her apartment was rather dark with just navigation lighting strips glowing softly in the darkness.

It was 0545 Lunar Standard Time, and Tranquillity Dome Seven was still in ‘Downcycle Mode’, what would pass for night time on Earth. Power consumption was reduced, services limited, and the Tranquility Engineering Corp were likely finishing up another shift of essential, off-peak maintenance and upkeep of the habitation domes. Even as she stirred under the covers of her double bed, her HUD and internal computer systems were already working through her morning diagnostics, the Wake Up Self Check that all cybernetically enhanced humans had to endure. Some more than most.

”CARDIONIX SureHeart Type 12x Prosthetic Heart status – Green. Next scheduled check up – 21 days @ Tranquil Oceans Hospital, 1615 Hours.” Her HUD reported with a little dialogue box soon blinked away. It was definitely a relief to know that her heart was working. She was very young when it was replaced due to a congenital defect, along with her lungs. She had only ever had one ‘crisis’ with it, and that had formed the basis for several dark nightmares in the past twenty-one of her twenty-four years of life.

“CARDIONIX EverBreath Type 14dx Prosthetic Lungs status – Green. Next scheduled check up – 21 days @ Tranquil Oceans Hospital, 1515 Hours.” Being able to breath was also a good thing.

“BIOGEN PHYSIOTEKA GD7 Bioenergy Converter and Capacitor status – Green. Next scheduled check up – 39 days @ BIOGEN PHYSIOTEKA R&D, 0900 Hours.” Most cyborgs charged their prosthetics overnight, the charge could hold for a week to a day depending on various factors from activity to age of their parts. When she had her new heart and lungs put in, they also added a converter to her abdomen, turning energy from food into bioelectricity to power her heart and lungs, with power to spare.

“TEKIRA Interface Industries Vigilant3 With UNPF Support Protocols Human-Machine Interface status – Green. Next scheduled check up – 81 days @ UNPF Medical Base, 1140 hours.” The final major system check was done, the HMI incorporated her augmented vision, wired ports and wireless capabilities as well as the links between her biological brain and the augmented processors and storage from the technological enhancements nested between her grey matter. It always amused her that in her WUSC, it was the last thing to be listed. If there was a problem with her head, she thought she’d pick that up very quickly.

“Your wake up self check is complete. Remember, a healthy body is a happy person! Please take good care of yourself and your cybernetics. This message was brought to you by the United Nations Health and Wellness Advocates.”



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