Setting Talk: UN-22

The year is 2112 CE, and humanity has reached for the stars.

The latter half of the 21st century was marked by conflict and war. The economic bloc wars of the 2040’s escalated into the wide-ranging conflict that would become known as World War III. After several United Nations Resolutions were passed, the United Nations Armed Forces were formed to quell the fighting, which had by 2071 come to scar cities of the world with tactical nuclear weapons, cybernetically augmented soldiers, and bipedal machines that came to be known as MASUs: Mechanically Assisted Servitor Units.

As World War III ended, a new conflict rose up to take its place: The Annexation Wars. Under the drive to unify Earth and redirect its resources, knowledge and manpower, the United Nations sought to bring every country under its administration, with Africa being the main theater of war, along with smaller campaigns in South America, East Europe and the Middle East.

Despite several countries coming into possession of some of the Missing Fifty, stolen CityCracker tactical nukes, they could not hold out indefinitely against the technological and numerical superiority of the United Nations Armed Forces. In 2088, the Annexation Wars ended on a bitter note. The Liberian Solidarity Party leader, President Alexis Kasu, broadcast to the world her opinions on the dangers of a unified world government with total power and control, and as the armies breached the Executive Mansion, she detonated five of the Missing Fifty that she had come to possess. Monrovia, the UN forces in the area, and those citizens that had chosen to remain behind or were unable to escape in the face of the naval blockades took heavy damage and losses.

In the twenty four years that have passed, old problems have been solved and new ones have evolved. Mankind, already in space and on the moon, expanded its burgeoning population to space colonies in the Lagrange Points and habitation domes on the Moon. Mars and its moons have already begun to be prepared and built on as advances in medical science have humans living longer. The UN, on Unification Day back in 2088, promised the world a golden age of peace and discovery. Some would say they have given that.

Others would disagree. For all the geostationary space stations, elevators that reach the heavens, space tourism, technological integration and environment restoration, there exists a dark side.

World War III and the Annexation Wars brought with it the policy of rapid recovery, rehabilitation and re-deployment. Those who were injured were patched up with military grade cybernetics and put back in the action as soon as it could be justified. The legacy of 4R can be felt to the present day. Veterans turned criminals, utilizing their enhanced limbs and body to make a personal profit over others safety and wellbeing. Corporate espionage. Illegal experimentation performed on them. And for those that returned to their normal lives, they face a host of problems.

None more serious than Post-Conflict Psychosis. Uncontrollable fits of rage and psychotic behaviour brought about by a variety of conditions, from social pressure and technical problems to redundancy and the horrors of war.

Criminals have found new ways to make money, with cyber-crime and smuggling of prohibited items into space at the forefront of their activities.

There are those who still fight against what President Kasu warned about, committing illegal acts against tyranny and a world order overtly guiding humanity into doing its bidding.

Earth. The GEO13 Stanford Torus Space Stations. The Lagrange Point Space Colonies. Armstrong Lunar Space Station. The Moon. Mars, Phobos and Deimos. These and many other backdrops form the locations for stories from the dawn of the 22nd Century. An era where humans from birth have the ability to interface with technology with wires or without. Artificial meat is grown in some labs. Artificial wombs house babies in other labs. People are graded not only on what skills they have, but what parts they possess.

It’s a future, but it’s their present and past.


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